Commercial Upholstery Services

At Interior Moods we have extensive experience in Domestic and Commercial, as well as Automotive upholstering, offering a wide range of fabrics, vinyls and leathers suitable for all different needs and purposes.

Our main suppliers Warwick Fabrics, Wortley Group, Zepel and Windsor offer a wide range of fabrics, vinyls and leathers for all different finishes and industry standards to give your pieces the right finishing touch.

We always consider the applicable standards needed, like Industry Standards, Fire Retardancy, Automotive Leathers with UV colour fastness, as well as durability and long lasting performance.

Exhibitions​; need materials to show unique designs and colours to attract attention, with the backing of Australian Standards, satisfying Building Codes and Fire Retardancy regulations for use in Public areas

Automotive​; materials used in Automotive or Marine upholstering have an higher emphasis on long lasting endurance with special material treatments for higher UV fastness or treatments against mould and moisture resistance.

Gyms​; materials needed for upholstering in these areas have to have the applicable codes for Public Areas, Fire Retardancy; also mould and moisture resistant materials with high durability should be used because of the high amount of public traffic they will be exposed to.